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For Mitch it kept him going and for Shaun it had him never quite find the right person. Mitch is the one that let go. He did this so Shaun could fly and have his dream come true.

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He is a fun sweet guy. Loyal and kind. A bit mischievous as well. We see this with how he welcomes Shaun back. He also has a agenda. One that I wholeheartedly stand behind. His is one to get Shaun to stay with him. One that involves him showing Shaun how he feels and that they belong together. We get a story of love, friendship, loyalty and family.

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One where we see two men find their way to each other beyond their friendship and act on their feelings. Where two friends explore their love for one another and see they belong together. We have one that is supportive while the other has to make the decision on where to be. And the story is just precious and adoring. No angst but fun sweet intimate moments. No fighting but mischievous times that have you smile and a love that truly shines and leaps off the page.

Apr 01, Natalina Reis rated it really liked it.

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This was a super quick read but long enough for me to fall in love with the two main characters. It's a sweet and steamy friends to lovers story my favorite trope and my only complaint is that it was so short, lol. Mitch's and Shaun's friendship and love for each other comes through loud and clear and I got to say I loved the fact that they didn't rush into bed together as soon as they revealed their feelings to each other. Instead they "realigned" themselves and their relationship after being This was a super quick read but long enough for me to fall in love with the two main characters.

Instead they "realigned" themselves and their relationship after being away from each other for years until there was no doubt in their minds they wanted to stay together for life. Great first novel by Becca Seymour. Loved it. Thoroughly wonderful. Well written, well paced and great characters. The angst, the recovered love and the heat were intense. Would love more. Short, hot and sweet! Such a good, short story! Really enjoyed reading this. Will look for more by Ms. Still working my mind around the concept of female authors writing about gay romance.

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Do women get off on reading it as well? His best friend Mitch kissed him and sent him off half way round the world at 22 to chase his dreams at NASA. Eight years later he is returning for a two week vacation to learn that his family have colluded to ensure he and Mitch have a shot at bonding. His friend has waited eight years for this opportunity. That kind of love is very special. The book contains profanity and ends with scenes of oral and anal sex. Second Chance is Best Quick, sweet, and ultimately quite hot second chance romance in the Outback as Shaun returns home for what he thinks is a family visit after spending eight years in the USA as a major geek at NASA.

No sooner does he approach his town than he is pulled over by a police cruiser, and who is behind the wheel? His former best friend Mitch, now a cop, and as it turns out a bit of a spider in a web that is being spun waiting for Shaun to tumble into. That's as much as I'm giving you Second Chance is Best Quick, sweet, and ultimately quite hot second chance romance in the Outback as Shaun returns home for what he thinks is a family visit after spending eight years in the USA as a major geek at NASA. That's as much as I'm giving you except to recommend you grab this one as quickly as you can, hoist your favorite one-sitting beverage, and have a grand time.

Loved it! This was a great quick read. Friends to lovers are some of my favorite and this one didn't disappoint. I loved Mitch and Shaun and I didn't want their story to end. Fantastic story. The story was short, but full of feeling with wonderful characters. I loved Shaun's family. How open, honest and loving they are with each other. Mitch was so thoughtful and selfless.

I loved how they were able to pick up where they left off, plus some. I recommend this book if you're looking for a quick, feel good romance.

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Good Story Two friends finally get the chance on having a relationship. Now the one is home for a visit and is being asked to stay. Apr 11, Raven rated it really liked it. A fun intriguing read. I would love to read more about this couple. I really wanted to like this. Like the title says I really really wanted to like this. It was, just like a story that never grew. I want more.

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This one ended too soon. Mar 20, Shirley Secret Squirrel rated it liked it. This was really good, just ended way too quickly. Mar 09, Aimie rated it really liked it. Full review coming soon. Darryl H Thompson rated it really liked it Jun 19, Tom rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Spiegel's passing. My mother kept us informed of his condition, but it was a shock nonetheless. We always enjoyed our time spent together in Pgh.

We will miss him.

Seymour was my Grand Uncle. I did not know him all that well. But what I did know I was very fond of. Whenever I had the opportunity to see him I recall how proud I felt that he was part of my family.

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My Grandma Bertha Krasnow would, from time to time, share newspaper clippings with me where an article was written about Seymours philanthropic activities. He was a gift to the community and Sy, You were the kindest, sweetest, generous and most "gentle-man" I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You took me into your heart and your family when I was 13 years old. You have watched me grow, get married, have a daughter of my own I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful years we did have with you and the wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

You will be greatly missed! I love you Our thoughts, prayers and loving wishes are with all family and friends. We will miss you Sy. Love, Bob and Laverne.