Le spiritisme devant la science: édition intégrale (Littérature ésotérique) (French Edition)

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You have only to wait, they will find you. The geese flying low over the marsh, glittering in black water. They find you.

some LANDSCAPES: The Wanderer's Night Song

The poem ends:. You have only to let it happen: that cry — release, release — like the moon wrenched out of earth and rising full in its circle of arrows until they come before you like dead things, saddled with flesh, and you above them, wounded and dominant.

This is true of all poets to an extent; the structures of poems are ways of organizing that is, controlling experience. You see, they have no judgment.

Schubert's Lieder: Settings of Goethe's poems

So it is natural that they should drown, first the ice taking them in and then, all winter, their wool scarves floating behind them as they sink until at last they are quiet. And the pond lifts them in its manifold dark arms.

The impersonal forces that really do control our lives time, space, our own unconscious desires operate in a way that transcends the day-to-day demands of car payments and deadlines. Her poems about relationships — romantic and familial — are focused relentlessly on the whip hand. The depiction of those unconscious desires is one of the basic functions of myth.

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She tinkered with colloquial language. She dabbled in being, you know, funny.

Roughly, the idea is that a poet who is intense, closed and obsessed when young gradually learns to appreciate and understand the world, giving rise to a personal, personable middle style that is richer than the furious early work. While the poetry of her middle period is almost never bad, it can be self-indulgent in its general approach.

The garden admires you.

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For your sake it smears itself with green pigment, the ecstatic reds of the roses, so that you will come to it with your lovers. In the splitting-up dream we were fighting over who would keep the dog, Blizzard. You tell me what that name means.

He was a cross between something big and fluffy and a dachshund. Gurney notes that 'Song' ['Only the wanderer'] was written at Caulaincourt, and the 'Ballad of the Three Spectres' was written at the 'Somme'. Permitted Use This item is available for non-commercial educational use under the terms of the Jisc Model Licence.

Document description Title Severn and Somme. Gurney, Ivor November London, England. Alisa Miller. Papers of Ivor Gurney The Ivor Gurney Archive.